Indian Rhodes Scholars Foundation

                       (A Registered Trust of Indian Rhodes Scholars)  



The Foundation  has been started  with the aim ;


  1. To grant scholarship, bursaries, travel grants, awards of excellence,  grants for acquiring books, publications, equipment etc., grants for publishing academic writings, reports of investigations financial help, help for any other purpose of an academic nature and in any other manner, for pursuit of studies, research academic investigations, attending academic seminars, conferences, to Indian students and scholars.



  1. To   carry out health and education related activities, particularly dealing with underprivileged children.



  1. To collaborate with any institution in academic activities of all description.



  1. To publish books, journals, reports, periodicals and the like, to collaborate in such work, to provide financial or other type or help, in such activity.



  1. To hold seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops etc.



  1. To engage in, collaboration with co-operate in any academic activity.



  1. To provide awards, institute and grant fellowships for scholarships, to give stipends to students and research scholars and to facilitate in their undertaking higher studies in all areas of interest to the foundation.



  1. To establish, operate, promote, run, maintain and manage institutions in advancement of any academic activity.



  1. To do all act, things and activities, which are conducive, necessary, and incidental for carrying on the objects as referred to herein above.



10.  To carry out the above aims/objectives or any of them within India or Abroad.


The Foundation shall collaborate with appropriate professional bodies and other organizations in carrying out the tasks aimed at reaching the objectives as described above.



Following are the trustee to the Foundation


1  Mr.Ashim Dutta

2  Mr.Ranjit Bhatia

3  Dr. Ranjit Roy Choudhary

4. Mr.Virandra Dayal

5  Dr.Virander Chauhan ( Trustee Settlor)



The Bank details of the Foundation  is as under :


E- 30, Saket

New Delhi -