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Courses open to Rhodes Scholars

Subject to the consent of the college, a Scholar may read for the Oxford B.A. in any of Final Honour Schools. The Scholar may be admitted, if qualified by previous training to, read for a higher degree**, such as the B.C.L, M.Lit., M.Sc, M.Phil., B.Phil. (for Philosophy) or D.Phil.

Rhodes Scholars-elect who wish to read for any degree (advanced or B.A.) or for a diploma in any Arts or Social Studies subjects (except the B.C.L. and the M.Sc. in Applied Social Studies) must submit two samples of recent written work. These should preferably, but not necessarily, be related to the intended subject of study. Candidates for graduate degree in Philosophy must submit essays on philosophy subjects. The samples should be of approximately 2000 words each, and may be essays or part of large works. These should be typed in English.

** The B.Phil, may be awarded in Philosophy only. M.Phil may be attempted in the following fields; European History General and Comparative Literature, Greek and Latin Languages and Literature International Relations, Latin American Studies, Management Studies, Music, Oriental Studies, Politics Prehistoric Archaeology, Russian and East European Studies, Sociology, Theology.

All final Honour Schools* at Oxford lead to B.A. degrees. These are listed in the Examination Decrees and Regulations and in the Undergraduate prospectus. A first class honours degree from an Indian University following a course of at least three years entitles the holders to Senior Status at Oxford, and to take Final Honours School in two years (six terms) without having to take the first Public Examination.

*Honour Schools are established in the following subjects any one of which can be exclusively studied : Agricultural and Forest Science, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Classical and Modern Language, Engineering Science, Economics, Engineering Economics and Management, English Language and Literature, Experimental Psychology, Geography, Geology, Human Sciences, Jurisprudence Literae Humaniores, Mathemetics, Philosophy, Metallurgy and Science of Materials, Metallurgy Economics and Management, Modern History and Economics, Modern History and Modern Languages, Modern Languages, Oriental Studies, Philosophy and Modern Languages, Philosophy-Politics and Economics (PPE), Philosophy and Theology, Physics and Philosophy, Physiological Science, Physiology-Philosophy and Physiology, Zoology.